Global Internet Fortunes is a Webhosting and Online Marketing company that sells its services through the concept of network marketing.

In GIF we have 3 types of members

  1. A Free Member
  2. A Customer
  3. An Agent


A free  member is someone who has created an account under his/her inviter through the following process

  1. Go to our joining link
  2. Click on Join free
  3. Enter your inviter’s username or email address
  4. Fill in your details
  5. Complete the process and verify the account through a link sent to your email

As a free member you can refer customers to purchase GIF services and earn commission as per the payplan.

However ,a free member will not access the GIF products/services until he/she upgrades{purchases the GIF products/services}


A Customer is a member who has upgraded/purchased the GIF products/services. A GIF customer is basically interested in using the products.

Listed below are the GIF products/services which are digital in nature

  1. Domains
  2. Blogs/Websites
  3. Web-hosting
  4. Email Marketing Software
  5. E-learning

We have various ways of making money as a GIF Customer

  1. Online Advertising

A customer can offer online advertising or run business adverts on the blog/website and charge for that service.

One can get paid for this service per click or sale. This means that everytime someone clicks on the advert you earn or if one buys you get paid

This is a  powerful way to earn passive income

  1. Market/Promote Your Own Business

Assuming you have a business eg you sell shoes, clothes, phones, juice,cake,fruits etc you can market these products on your website/blog and get customers for your business thus making more profits.

  1. Become An Expert Blogger And Get Hired

We train you to became an expert blogger and stand a chance to get hired as a social media manager by different companies/individuals.

So many companies/individuals need people who have online expertise to manage social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,blogs etc.


An agent is a customer who refers another customer to purchase the GIF services{Direct Referals}and earn Customer Referal Bonus which is payable on month one.

Your referals will go ahead and duplicate your effort and refer other customers who will form your level 2 network, the referals made by your level 2 will form level 3, then this duplicates to level 5. These team referals will earn you team bonus from month two onwards based on renewal of monthly subscriptions.

(link to payplan)

Pay  Processors

We have several pay processors which take care of both local and international payments.

Local pay processors include

  1. M-Pesa
  2. EFT {Electronic Funds Transfer}

International pay processors

  1. Paypal
  2. Payza
  3. Solid Trust Pay
  4. Bitcoin


Agents are allowed to initiate weekly withdrawals by Sunday midnight and the money {amount withdrawn }is paid on Wednesday before 6 Am through the pay processor of choice.

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