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You are here because you activated your account. That is the first step to your journey. On behalf of the GIF family, Congratulations. This orientation will cover critical topics that will help you get your business off the ground. The following topics will be discussed:

  • Your “WHY.”
  • Goal setting
  • Time management
  • Branding
  • Rejection
  • The 7skills in MLM success (CIPFERE FORMULA)

So before we get started I would like you to understand a few things about what is expected of you.


You should have an open mind and should be willing to learn and implement what you are taught.


Having started your own online business, you should be responsible and hold yourself accountable of how

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you run it. Anything that doesn’t bring value to your life should be abandoned e.g. wasting time either hanging out with your friends, watching movies, playing games, and many other activities that don’t bring value to you.

Don’t get me wrong, and am not suggesting that you should stop having leisure time, simply reduce the amount of time you spend on leisure activities e.g. don’t spend more than 5hrs watching a TV show maybe watch 1 – 2 episodes per day instead of spending the whole day watching it.

Personal Development

Personal development

In this business your inviter/up-line/sponsor will only give you about 20% of the skills you’ll need to succeed in this business, the remaining 80% is on you. The most effective way of accumulating 80% is by:

  1. Carrying out your own research online about the industry of Network Marketing
  2. You can also learn how to go about your business through mentors both online and in house mentors. (people who are succeeding in your company)
  3. Reading books about Network Marketing
  4. Attending your company’s training seminars


In life, everybody has faced rejection in one way or the other. In this business or in any other business you will face a lot of rejection.

Teenage Boy Feeling Intimidated As He Walks Home
Teenage Boy Feeling Intimidated As He Walks Home

The most common reasons for rejection are:

  1. Ignorance in the market
  2. Lack of awareness in the market
  3. Lack of trust in you maybe because of results and how you brand yourself and many other reasons.

So you should learn how to manage your expectations, have this in mind: some will, some won’t, someone else is waiting for the opportunity.

Jim Rhon explains how to best handle rejection in the parable of the sower.

One last thing you should get to your head is the fact that this is an online business. Therefore don’t expect any salaries. Your income is totally dependent on your personal effort and the effort of the team you build.

” We will walk and work with you but we will never work for you”


We all have a reason that drives us in life, your “Why” is that compelling reason that drove you to join GIF.

Some of your reasons could be anything in the image below:

Knowing your WHY

All these reasons are your dreams and should make you focus, work smart, motivate you when business is tough, and motivate you when everyone around you discourages you or doesn’t support what your pursuing.

Your “WHY” should be your guide and rock as you are working out your Network Marketing business.

NB: If you don’t have a compelling reason for joining this business, get one and work towards it.

Goal Setting.

Goals are very important because they are a breakdown of our dreams into certain time frames that help us achieve our ultimate dream.

So you should set your goals in a SMART way.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-Bound

Your goals should be categorized into short-term and long-term goals. You can check how Brian Tracey puts it on Goal Setting.

Time Management

We all have 24hrs in a day to carry out our schedule or tasks we have set to do in that day, so how you use or manage your time will be very crucial in terms of generating income.

How to use your time

  • School or work (the most hectic day you can spend in a class or work is 10hrs in a day)
  • Sleep (sleep for 6hrs a day it won’t affect your health or your daily performance)
  • Network Marketing business (dedicate at least 6hrs in a day to your business, if you can add more time it would be an advantage to you)
  • And you have an extra 2hrs to study, relax, and do other activities.

This is an example of how you can use your time depending on your occupation. At the start of each new business, you will have to sacrifice more time and dedicate it to your business so that it can take off.


 Branding is crucial in any business because it’s an identity of who you are and what you represent.

Branding is very critical as it will determine whether someone will or will not join your business. Assuming you went to a butcher to buy meat. The meat is well displayed and attractive, but the person selling to you is very dirty. Would you buy the meet? I believe NOT. Apply this principle to your GIF business, there’s no second chance to make a first impression. So do it well your first time

As a GIF agent, how you brand yourself will determine how well you market and resell GIF’s products and services and the way the company is viewed by the market.

Branding yourself covers :

  1. Physical appearance
  2. Your social media accounts appearance
  3. Language and tone
  4. Messaging
  5. Calls
  6. Emails

Some basic tips on branding your social media accounts to look professional:

  1. Use your official Names on every social media platform you are in.
  2. Your profile picture should be official and professional (taken in a studio)
  3. A good cover photo
  4. Your status/bio should be attractive, captivating and mature in terms of what you write.
  5. Your post (what you share speaks volumes about your character) share topics that a neutral e.g. business, educative content, articles, testimonials of your GIF business and your lifestyle.

NB: Never share topics that have 2 divides e.g. sports, politics, religion, and tribe among other areas, if you have to take an approach that won’t hurt your brand.

The 7 Skills to Network Marketing success

What is the CIPFERE FORMULA? It is the sales process that one needs to follow so that he or she can succeed in this company or business.

What does it stand for?

  • Contacts
  • Inviting
  • Presenting
  • Follow up/close
  • Enroll/Upgrade
  • Retain/coach
  • Events (B.O.M’s, Team meeting’s, Training, organized company events like retreats and team bonding events)


The act of generating contacts/leads is termed prospecting. This can be achieved in 3 formats:

  1. Personal contacts
  2. Online contacts
  3. Offline contacts
Contacts icon

1. Personal contacts

  • Phone book
  • Your Diary if you keep one.

When you start your own business e.g. your own restaurant or boutique you’ll obviously share it with your friends. If it is a restaurant you would want to invite all your friends and people you know to come and dine at your new facility.

If it was a boutique, on the other hand, you would consider inviting every person you know to come and buy clothes at your store.

The same approach should be taken in your GIF business. Consider sharing the opportunity to all your friends, family members, workmates, and school mates so that they can be your first customers.

NB: As you are sharing your Opportunity to your inner circle, know that not everyone will join your business. You should work with numbers and the minimum number of people you should have referred is at least 150 people if you can do more it would be an advantage to you.

Your inner circle (people you know) should be invited by your upline because you being new to the business, your friends might ask you questions that you may not be in a position to handle.

2. Online Contacts

You can use social media platforms and job sites to get contacts of prospects:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp

And many others but we are going to major on the 3 most popular social media platforms used by many.

i) Facebook

First, you have to start with Branding as we discussed earlier. Facebook gives you a lot of methods to interact with people e.g.

  • Sharing your opportunity to people through groups.
  • In-boxing people on messenger or chatting with them about what you do.
  • Timeline and tagging; you can share with people about your GIF business on your timeline and tag your friends to reach more people.
  • Your Personal Page– you can use your page to share your lifestyle or the lifestyle of other business members, motivation, inspiration, and educative articles through your blog.

ii) Instagram

  • First, build a professional brand
  • Put your real Names
  • Professional Photo
  • A good Status or Bio.
  • Instagram is about gaining followers.

So for you to gain followers first you have to be:

  • Active. Always share something to keep your followers engaged and there are various things you can share lifestyle which is most important, inspiration, motivation and you can also share articles. (And also remember NOT to share topics that have 2 divides)
  • Always like other people’s post that how you gain followers.
  • You can DM or inbox your followers on your opportunity.

iii) Whatsapp

  • Brand your WhatsApp
  • Use Real Names
  • Professional picture
  • A good status, it should be either motivating, captivating, inspiring, or creates curiosity.

On WhatsApp we have various methods you can use e.g.

  • Pic status
  • You can share your lifestyle or your business partners’ lifestyle e.g. achievement in the business, testimonials either yours or of your business partners and team bonding events or company events.
  • And we also have the groups in which you can join and interact with its members and share with them your opportunity via inbox.

3. Offline Contacts

  • Posters
  • Fliers
  • Business cards
  • 3 party contacts
  • Referral forms
  • One meter rule (one on one invitation)
  • Events like Birthday parties, graduations in general social events.
  • Print media e.g. magazines, newspapers
  • Digital media like radio advertisement, radio talk shows

The last 2 are expensive.


The purpose of making an invitation is to create curiosity about the opportunity you are offering in detail through a seminar, webinar, video, or one on one presentation.

NB: It should be brief and formal (using English)

And you can do an invitation using :

  1. A phone call(saves time and gets instant feedback when you’re talking to your prospects.
  2. SMS
  3. WhatsApp
  4. Email (But it’s pretty slow)


The purpose of presenting is to share with your prospects on how your company works and how they can benefit working with you.

There are many ways you can present your Opportunity to your prospects e.g.

  • B.O.M’s (Business Opportunity Meetings). This is company organized business seminars conducted by the companies management and its members at specific days and times.
  • Online presentation. webinars conducted by you or the company, video presentation, and written presentation.
  • One on One. This is a sit between you and your prospects and you take them through a presentation of your business.

NB: It’s very important you know how to do a One On One presentation because it will give you confidence, it will show your prospects that you know your business and you will provide coaching, mentorship and support once they join your business.


Follow up is keeping in touch with your prospects by creating a bond of friendship between you and your prospects. This is to help your prospects in make a decision to join your business.

A lady making a phone call

The follow-up will help speed up the process:

  • Providing support, mentorship, and assuring them that you will be there to guide them every step of the way.
  • Share your story or journey (results that you have achieved in the business) that will give them the confidence that the business works.
  • Show them how the services are benefiting you or other members may be in terms of growing someone’s business online and how the services are helping you or another person to make money.
  • Get to know their dreams or what they would like to achieve and show the people in the business who have achieved their dreams and also you can share what you have achieved.

“If you want to achieve your dreams help others achieve theirs and you will definitely achieve yours.”

And lastly, the purpose of follow up is to keep in touch with your prospects not necessarily to remind them about your business but to create a bond of trust and friendship. You can contact them once in a while to know of their well being maybe about the school, work, Business or family.

” Your prospects don’t care how much you know about the business but how much you care for them.”


This is a very crucial step that you need to know by heart and it’s a very simple process. To Enroll is simply the sign-up process where you help your prospects create their own GIF account under you. To Upgrade on the other hand is to activate their account. By reading this article, I presume you understand the signup and upgrade process. If not, you will be taken through by your inviter.


Retention is a very crucial part of our business because it’s where the money is. Before you can be able to retain others you must first retain yourself:

Your WHY?

It’s your dream that will keep you going in business when times get tough. You are likely to face challenges especially as you start, just like any other business starting up. What will keep you in the business is the goals/dreams you’d like to achieve.


In any business, you will need skills and knowledge about your business and the industry your in. This will enable you to gain traction and scale your business thus higher profit margins. So seeking knowledge is very important it ensures your growth in business.

“Your income will never surpass the level of skills you have.”


Getting results is very important because it is what keeps you in the business. You will need money for upkeep and also money to achieve the goals that you have set out. You must work so that you can get the results.


Keeping a Positive Mental Attitude(PMA) will maintain your passion for the business. To maintain PMA you can watch motivational videos on YouTube or read books.

Make it a habit to always interact with, your in-house mentors, people who you admire or look up to. You can always meet them and they can assist you and mentor you.


The company understands the importance of holding events. The events help members to bond and enhance teamwork. The events also give each member an opportunity to learn from other members. We offer various types of events e.g.:

  • Members’ Training
  • Team Meetings
  • Team bonding events
  • Company events (Christmas party, incentives and many other events)

Members training seminars are where you can learn a lot about how to grow your GIF business and also learn how to use the services.

These training seminars are offered in our offices in various locations in Kenya: Nairobi, Eldoret, Nakuru, Mombasa and Kisumu. Other training centers will be opened by the company in major cities or towns when the demand arises.

Regular Webinar Training will be offered from time to time by the company for people who are in other locations either locally or internationally.

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